999Exp: #063– Build my own audiophile quality sound system

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  1. rmweisman says:

    I have been toying with idea of a Jamo clone and was excited by your post.
    Did you consider a simpler construction, at least I could not hope to do your level of cabinet making.
    would a flat surface panel meet the acoustic requirements?
    I have tri-amped a number of speakers by removing the passive cross overs and using active crossovers as you have done. And I have used slide and electronic equalizers also. Have you considered using a crossover?
    Thanks for your post!

    • admin says:

      Good day – apologies for the very belated reply – I have been travelling quite a bit in regions of the world with little or no connection.

      My friend which did a lot of the research and leg work on this project built his clone into a very simple flat panel into which he mounted the drivers. He also developed his own cross-overs after many months worth of studying other designs. The end result is very similar to what I ended up with – but getting the cross-over to operate correctly took many months. Also, he ended up buying so many replacement components that purely from a cost perspective my effort turned out less expensive. However, no doubt he had more fun than I did. Unfortunately I know for a fact he is not prepared to share his cross-over design. Many have tried!

      The biggest problem I have and which no amount of money will fix is the room I use as my sound room. I live in an apartment and my living room where I keep my sound equipment is arguably the absolute worst layout for achieving proper sound quality. Having said that, I am still childishly happy with the result and compared to a couple of seriously high end commercial systems we have tested (some of which cost as much as three times my layout), they perform very well. There’s also a lot to be said for the pride of having successfully completed a project like this by yourself. When I buy my next house I will ensure to get a dedicated sound room.

      Good luck with your project and have a lot of fun!

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