About My Adventures About My Adventures "SubHeading"

Life is either a great adventure or nothing – Helen Keller

I love to travel, do scuba dive, to ride my bikes, to go on 4×4 trips, to experience a diverse things. I have had the privilege to accomplish a great many things in life. At the time of writing I am 38 years old, I have several degrees, a great nett worth, a fantastic company, wonderful friends and family as well as great relationships – life’s been very good till now. However, I have made great sacrifices during my earlier youth to get to this point and I have often neglected to have sufficient fun and adventure. Call it a mid-life crisis if you will, call it a strike to action. As I do into my middle aged years I fully intend to have at least ten to fifteen years of extraordinary fun! This section of this blog will be dedicated to my bigger adventures – my trips around the world in pursuit of the activities I love best. I aim to do around three to four epic adventures per year for the next three to four years. After, and if plans work out as I hope, I’ll be doing these type of trips on a more full-time basis.

Follow my adventures, copy them if you like, let me know of your own spirited life experiences, but above all – don’t waste another minute waiting to pursue those things that make life extraordinary. I am definitely not going to!